What is DirectRoster?


DirectRoster is an online application for youth and adult sports leagues.  Through our application, Commissioners can utilize a slew of tools including online registration, scheduling, email messaging, optional text messaging, roster photos, reporting, point of sale system, and more.  The system was designed and is used by a Commissioner of a Lacrosse League on Long Island. 


What’s in it for my players?


Players have the convenience of paying online, obtaining schedules, syncing calendars with their daily activities, google maps to each game, reminders, and text message cancellations. Instant notification! 


How much is it to use DirectRoster?


It is Free to join and use DirectRoster as a user.  However, if you opt to use the payment system, merchant fee’s will apply.


Are their upgrades?


Yes.  We have a text message upgrade for Commissioners.  Standard cell phone rates apply.


What’s the catch?


There is no catch.  We are proud to work with non-profits.  Get going and join.


Is it secure?  Do you sell our information?


100% secure with encrypted https and was approved by Suffolk County Cyber Crimes Division.  In addition, we use specific programming techniques to ensure that all data is secure.  DirectRoster does not sell user information


How do I join?


Please email sales@directroster.com or help@directroster.com