Fitness Facilities

TurboRoster is a robust software application that promotes fitness, activity and interaction among facility members of all ages and abilities.

Use our application to tap the unlimited potential of social media marketing on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, and YouTube. Hit 15,000 Facebook and Twitter profiles in one week! TurboRoster also provides powerful tools for managing the multitude of training sessions your facility offers with an easy way to communicate with your members.

In addition, your members will be enticed to use the site with the rewards of Turbobucks which can be redeemed at a number of major retailers or at your facility for cool stuff. The cross promotional possibilities are endless!

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Packages include class registration and hit up (check in)

  • Automated Social Media Marketing

  • Built in rewards system (both)

  • Cloud base data storage (both)

  • Back end management system (registration)

  • Online Class Registration (registration)

  • Point of sale input (registration)

  • Reporting, analysis, and charts (both)

  • Rosters and Waiting lists (registration)

  • Email Marketing System (both with upgrade opt)

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